The Allergy Centre

To help you find out if you have any allergies
and what to do about it

Most people are unaware of their allergies.

Allergies affect about 25% of the population.  But, did you know that there are no special “allergy symptoms”.

  • Symptoms are “just symptoms” – people feel unwell, have sneezing, runny noses, itchy skin, headaches, mood changes, sore tummies, diarrhoea … etc.  These are how we feel.
  • Then we go on to attribute these symptoms to some cause.  Most medical practitioners will first look for an infectious cause – usually “a virus”.  But the symptoms of allergy reactions are identical.
  • The outcome is that many of our on-going symptoms get wrongly attributed to “infection” rather than to “allergy”.

Dr Rodney Ford can help you find out if you might have any allergies (food and environmental) that might be causing your symptoms.
This is achieved by questionnaires, an interview, physical examination, skin prick testing and blood tests.

If you  have undiagnosed symptoms on “The Big List”, then an allergy/ food intolerance is likely.

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