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Reflux / eczema – cow’s milk allergy

Just seen Emily in The Childrens Clinic, Christchurch.   She is one-year-old and had eczema and reflux disease.
However, a few months ago she saw her local pediatrician who said “I don’t believe in reflux!” Also he said “I don’t believe in doing skin prick tests – they are useless!”
But when I first saw Emily it was clear to me that she had cow’s milk allergy. She went dairy-free: her reflux disappeared and her skin cleared up – a great result.
And still, whenever she eats any dairy foods, her eczema flares up again.  She also vomits. Yes, she gets sick with milk.
Diagnosis: How did the diagnosis get made?  We did skin prick tests, she had a positive reaction to milk. She got better off milk.  Simple.
I am perplexed that my colleague remains skeptical about food allergy (for over a decade), this is despite Emily clearly getting completely better when milk was eliminated from her diet. The medical literature shows that between 2-3% (up to 1-in-25) children have food allergy.
It is common.
It is fully documented in the medical literature.
It can be readily diagnosed.
So, why not take this serious disease seriously?
A lot of children would benefit.
Dr Rodney Ford
Paediatrician, The Childrens Clinic | Allergy Centre, Christchurch.
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Eczema in babies often a food allergy

We saw three babies in the Children’s Clinic | Allergy Center today who all with bad eczema, they all had food allergies, and were all fully breast fed. Mother’s foods come through the breast milk in tiny amounts. Egg, peanut, soy, wheat and dairy are the most common foods to trigger this eczema – especially on the face. The skin-prick-tests showed up the food allergy – the mums will take these foods out of their diet and the babies will get better (there is whole a lot more that we do to “cure” their eczema. Doctor Rodney Ford (Paediatrician).