RAST or EAST, are different names for the same test (and also called ImmunoCAP Specific IgE)
They are allergy blood tests. They measure the level of “specific” IgE to various allergens.
They give the same results as the skin tests.

To order the RAST/EAST test, you need to specify what allergens to test for – for example, egg white, cow’s milk, cat fur, rye grass pollen …

RAST/EAST tests:

  • are blood tests
  • are useful to pick up QUICK onset allergy reactions (that is IgE immediate sensitivity)
  • will be negative to gluten in gluten-sensitivity
  • are positive in anaphylaxis people
  • give the same information as skin prick tests
  • someone with a positive RAST will have a positive skin prick test.