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Eczema in babies often a food allergy

We saw three babies in the Children’s Clinic | Allergy Center today who all with bad eczema, they all had food allergies, and were all fully breast fed. Mother’s foods come through the breast milk in tiny amounts. Egg, peanut, soy, wheat and dairy are the most common foods to trigger this eczema – especially on the face. The skin-prick-tests showed up the food allergy – the mums will take these foods out of their diet and the babies will get better (there is whole a lot more that we do to “cure” their eczema. Doctor Rodney Ford (Paediatrician).


Get your Skin Prick Tests (SPT) done

Consultations at The Children’s Clinic usually include appropriate skin prick testing for food and environmental allergens. We call it a “tickle test” – it does not hurt – it is a quick and painless procedure that gives instant results.

Currently, the private labs in Christchurch do not offer this service. We are told that there is a 6-month waiting list to get tested at Canterbury Health Laboratories (CHL).

We carry out skin-prick-testing on children once they get to 3-months old. Any child with eczema or suspicion of food allergy should be tested.

Dr Rodney Ford