Asthma Allergies

Asthma allergies are common.  Asthma is often triggered by allergies – especially environmental/ airborne allergens.

Get skin prick tests for pollens and house dust mite

Many people with asthma get wheezy because of allergies to things in their environment.
Asthma is often made worse by pollens or house dust mite (called inhalant allergy or aero-allergens).

We suggest that you get tested.  This can be done with painless “skin prick tests” for a number of allergens.

We routinely do skin prick tests for:

  • house dust mite
  • grass pollens (rye grass, timothy grass)
  • tree pollens (especially birch)
  • animal dander (cat fur, dog hair, horse hair, and feathers
  • moulds

You can book a skin prick test