How to book an appointment

Making an appointment with Dr Ford is easy with our online booking system.

All you need to do is to click which type of appointment you require.
You will see which time is available to suit you and your child. Note: Dr Ford only sees children.
(For example, it is just like booking an airline ticket or theatre ticket).

How to book
1. Go to the appointments page: Make your appointment
2. You chose a First-time consultation or a Follow-up consultation (Click on “Book Now” to select the time you want)
3. You are given a form to fill in you information (in “Notes”, please put the birth date and the reason for your appointment ie: my child has eczema). Click “Submit”.
4. Then you make your payment (click on “Pay Now” and pay with your credit card).
5. You will then get a confirmatory email and your appointment is made.
6. You will be sent an email reminder 48 hours prior to your appointment.