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Reflux / eczema – cow’s milk allergy

Just seen Emily in The Childrens Clinic, Christchurch.   She is one-year-old and had eczema and reflux disease.
However, a few months ago she saw her local pediatrician who said “I don’t believe in reflux!” Also he said “I don’t believe in doing skin prick tests – they are useless!”
But when I first saw Emily it was clear to me that she had cow’s milk allergy. She went dairy-free: her reflux disappeared and her skin cleared up – a great result.
And still, whenever she eats any dairy foods, her eczema flares up again.  She also vomits. Yes, she gets sick with milk.
Diagnosis: How did the diagnosis get made?  We did skin prick tests, she had a positive reaction to milk. She got better off milk.  Simple.
I am perplexed that my colleague remains skeptical about food allergy (for over a decade), this is despite Emily clearly getting completely better when milk was eliminated from her diet. The medical literature shows that between 2-3% (up to 1-in-25) children have food allergy.
It is common.
It is fully documented in the medical literature.
It can be readily diagnosed.
So, why not take this serious disease seriously?
A lot of children would benefit.
Dr Rodney Ford
Paediatrician, The Childrens Clinic | Allergy Centre, Christchurch.
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