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Mum makes plea: recognise allergy

Clair, a mum, writes this to me:

“Dr Ford, it frustrates me so much to see so many babies on Zantac and comfort formula and still suffering. My daughter was one of those babies until she was diagnosed by you as having a milk protein allergy.

I moved back to the UK and my son was born.  It took him to have 3 blue spells before the medics took me seriously: that it was allergy and after a serious A&E appearance it was finally acknowledged as anaphylaxis and his inhaler was replaced with an Epipen. I find it very hard to see so many kids suffering from obvious allergic symptoms that are ignored.

I just feel very privileged to have had the opportunity to see you all them years ago.  As without your knowledge and diagnosis, I dread to think where we’d be.

Time that modern medicine woke up [to allergy and reflux disease]!”

My comment:

Thanks for your kind words, Claire.  Good to hear from you. Yes sadly, every day we see babies, children & adults who have been miss-diagnosed (or their diagnosis missed).  Their allergies have gone unnoticed or ignored, or even worse, their allergy has been denied.  Yes, so many people have unrecognised food allergy, with years or decades of symptoms.  We work to uncover and manage these problems at the Childrens Clinic | Allergy Centre in Christchurch.

Worse, every day we see mothers who are working extremely hard to care for their children, only to be told that their “lack of good mothering skills” is the reason for their child’s problems. The mothers are blamed for causing their children harm, whilst the children are often labeled as spoilt or naughty.  

But the truth is that these babies and children are in pain or very uncomfortable. They might have untreated gastric reflux, or severe eczema that is caused by a food allergy, or behaviour disturbances that are triggered by food intolerances.


Again, thanks Claire for writing.

Dr Rodney Ford