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I’ve gotten such great service

We have just seen Melody with troublesome eczema – breastfed.  

Her mum writes: “After nearly 3 months of issues with our 3 month old I finally feel like I can relax about her. Just knowing what she is allergic to – e.g. causing her skin & growth issues – has given me SO much peace of mind! I’m so grateful for the service you have given us! I’m pleased that we made the decision to come to you and get the testing done, despite the cost. We don’t have insurance so for us it was a big investment, but we are happy we made it. Seeing the wait for the hospital is so long at the moment I can’t imagine what our lives would have been like had we not come to you now.”

“And I’m extra grateful that you took the time to call me back last night and that you provided me with a prescription to get Melody’s infection sorted. I feel like we are in such great hands. I’ve already recommended you to a friend and of course we are telling everyone where we took Melody. Thank you SO MUCH!” 

Our reply: “Thanks for your kind words – yes we do care for our children – that is what life is all about – giving/caring/living. We encourage others to get their eczema children tested for food allergy.” We say “don’t guess – test!” RF