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Eczema and food allergy – linked?

The medical evidence, without-a-shadow-of-a-doubt, shows that food allergy and eczema are strongly linked. However, this is the complete opposite to what most dermatologists will tell you. Why is this so?

For example, Kartina says:

“My son’s ex dermatologist clearly hasn’t read anything that’s ever been written! Was told straight up food allergies and eczema have nothing to do with each other. Funny, once we found what he was allergic to and removed it, his eczema is nearly but all gone! His incompetence is why we will NOT be returning to his practice.”

Sadly, at The Allergy Centre we hear this sort of comment everyday.  However, it is our experience that most (80%) children with eczema do have food allergy triggers.  Find these troublesome foods and you have found a solution.  Most of the eczema children in our clinic get hugely better when we pay attention to food allergy.

Consequently, we suggest all children get skin prick tested for food allergy if they have persistent eczema.