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Cow milk allergy symptoms in 5–15% of infants

Cow’s milk allergy/intolerance is very common, and need to be thought about in all babies and children with chronic symptoms: skin, gut and respiratory.
Arne Høst, allergist, writes: Symptoms suggestive of
  • cow’s milk protein allergy (CMPA)
  • cow’s milk protein intolerance (CMPI);

CMPA/CMPI may be encountered in about 5–15% of infants emphasizing the importance of controlled elimination/milk challenge.

Most infants with CMPA/CMPI develop symptoms before one month of age, often within one week after introduction of cow’s milk based formula.
The majority have 2 or more symptoms
50%–70% have skin symptoms
50–60% gastrointestinal symptoms
20–30% respiratory symptoms.
In exclusively breast-fed infants with CMPA/CMPI severe atopic eczema is a predominant symptom.