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Nobody else would listen

Just got this email from a mum, whose child had food allergy, eczema and constipation, but she was not getting the help she needed: “Thanks for your time and understanding when nobody else would listen.” We make a big effort to solve children’s health issues. Cheers Dr Rodney Ford


Test everyone

Got this message today: “Thank you so much for the difference you have made to our family.  He is so much happier, so much healthier, its remarkable.” – Mum.   I saw her son ( 8-year-old boy) a few months ago.  He was having frequent respiratory illness, coughs and colds and feeling tired.  I noted that […]


Happy mother and child

“Dear Dr Ford Thank you so much for your kind advice and support in managing Jack’s reflux.  When we first came to see you we were quite desperate.  Under your care he returned to the happy boy we were missing. He is now much better and we have seen no sign of his symptoms in many […]