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  • Cow milk allergy symptoms in 5–15% of infants

    Cow’s milk allergy/intolerance is very common, and need to be thought about in all babies and children with chronic symptoms: skin, gut and respiratory. Arne Høst, allergist, writes: Symptoms suggestive of…

  • Clinic contact now all web based

    The Allergy Centre is at 79 Nayland Street, Sumner. Dr Ford has retired. You to make your own appointments on-line using the “Appointments” tab on this website.  Also we are asking…

  • Food allergies in 6% of young children

    A research paper by Wang & Sampson declare food allergy as very common. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21364287 They say: “Food allergies affect up to 6% of young children and 3%-4% of adults. They encompass…

What our patients say

  • Hi Dr Ford, just wanted to pop you through a quick message to thank you for the diagnosis of Seth’s reflux last week, initially the losec worked immediately and then he caught a cold so now he is on the mend we are seeing the true effects come through, he is a much happier little fella who will lie down and play now and I’m not stuck carrying him around all day. Can’t believe it took over four months to get the help that we so desperately needed so thank you for helping us and listening when no one else would! I have attached a photo of Seth taken today, please feel free to use my message and or photo on any of your web pages as a testimonial, thanks again

    Kylee , Paediatrics