Dr Rodney Ford – how he can help

Dr Rodney Ford is a children's doctor (a paediatrician). He specialises in: bowel troubles, eczema management, feeding problems, investigating food allergy, respiratory allergy, gluten problems, food reactions, growth problems, gastric reflux, constipation, behaviour problems and general paediatric consultations.

The fee to see Dr Ford covers a full paediatric consultation, growth measurements, assessment, skin prick tests (if required), milk subsidy applications ((if required) or other subsidies, blood tests (if required) and a management plan. Blood test results are emailed to you. » Read more...

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Making an appointment with Dr Ford is easy with our online booking system.
All you need to do is to click which type of appointment you require.
You will see which time is available to suit you and your child. Note: Dr Ford only sees children.
(For example, it is just like booking an airline ticket or theatre ticket).

How to book
1. Go to the appointments page
or click Make your appointment
2. You chose a First-time consultation or a Follow-up consultation (Click on "Book Now" to select the time you want) » Read more...

Allergy Centre

The Allergy Centre is dedicated to helping you find out if you have an allergy that might be causing your symptoms. The focus is to solve your problem.

An allergy consultation includes a questionnaire, an interview, skin prick tests and appropriate blood tests - all this is included in the first-time consultation fee. You can claim on your health insurance as a specialist consultation.

If you wish to make an appointment for the Allergy Centre, all you need to do is book online. » Read more...

Featured Article

Food allergies in 6% of young children

A research paper by Wang & Sampson declare food allergy as very common. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/21364287 They say: "Food allergies affect up to 6% of young children and 3%-4% of adults. They encompass a range of disorders that may be IgE and/or non-IgE mediated, including … » Read More...

Clinic Contact Details

Clinic Location:
42 Beveridge Street, Christchurch, 8013
Fax: +64 3 377-0596
Email: info@thechildrensclinic.co.nz
All communication is through this website
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